Mantopia provides Gay and LBGT lifestyle events and has been in existence since January 2016.

As we all know, the thought of doing or going someplace new can be daunting…
We've all been there....and we know how it feels to be the new person.
So here are a few things about our Mantopia events to help put you at ease.
The main focus of our events is to have fun with like-minded people. 
We can't stress this enough!!!
It’s all about fun, about doing something different and maybe even getting a little bit outside your comfort zone! If you wish to…for it is all about choice.
Respect all people at all times. That goes without saying.
Depending on the nature of the party, there may be rules and these will be clearly posted at the event.
Apart from that.....

What to expect?
There are no expectations from any person attending.
There is no requirement to get naked however, depending on the premises used for the party, there may be certain areas that are clothing free or towel zones only.
These will be clearly identified.
As for the rest, check the theme, otherwise wear what is comfortable or… dress for success.
What do I have to do? 
Come and socialise and enjoy yourself with friends or strangers (after all friends were strangers at some point in your life)
Who can I ask? 
Any member of staff is there to assist and are identified by orange armbands.
What will happen there?
As much or as little as you are comfortable with. There is no expectation from any attendee to do anything…except have fun.

Have fun, be yourself in a safe and secure environment without pressure.